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BLF Nutrition is a leading Irish manufacturer of Minerals, Vitamins and Trace Element Supplements, currently in our 39th year of serving the Irish Farming Community. We supply our customers with a range of premium quality products, all manufactured at our Co. Carlow premises. Our tailored mineral's are manufactured to suit individual requirements.


BLF Nutrition Story

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BLF Nutrition Product Range

We offer our customers Minerals, Vitamins and Trace Element Supplements in a range of different forms in a bid to cater for all types of farming. Along with our tailored minerals, we also provide a premium range of generic minerals to our clients, this quality range of minerals are always kept in stock and are available for next day delivery nationwide.

Research and Facts

There are over 20 essential minerals, vitamins or trace elements required by ruminant animals to ensure no deficiency related problems come to fruition. Minerals include Magnesium, Phosphorous, Sulphur, Sodium and Calcium. Important vitamins to note are Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin B's, while key trace elements include Copper, Iodine, Selenium, Zinc, Cobalt and Manganese.


In the current ever changing market of milk, beef and grain prices, we provide our clients with reliable and consistent products and service. Our company has grown over the past 34 years based on this ethos of what is right for the customer, with unbeatable customer satisfaction and customer retention levels our proudest achievement to date.

Innovative Thinking

Working alongside leading international companies such as Alltech, Agri King, Westend Agri, DSM, Addissio, IA Laboratories and Timab, we strive to ensure our customers get the most innovative products available on the market, all while still meeting individual farm needs.

Quality and Accreditation

We adhere to the highest quality standards currently in use. Along with having the relevant Department of Agriculture certification and licences, we are also UFAS accredited, as are all of our current suppliers. Quality control and the quality of our products remains a key metric in how we measure our success at BLF Nutrition.

Analytical Services

We provide our clients a full analytical service on soil or grass samples, and then manufacture minerals to balance these deficiencies and excesses.

Mineral Consultancy

A consultation is provided before minerals are manufactured, and an aftercare service ensures the best possible results can be attained while using BLF Nutrition Products.

Production and delivery

It has always been a major priority at BLF to manufacture and deliver products quickly and efficiently, leading us to become market leaders in getting our products from factory to farm, with 48 hour delivery standard practice.

Farming News

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